How to care for natural rag dolls

How to care for dolls

Dolls do very carefully with a view to years of intensive use. Most stitches doing double and even triple, tricot, the dolls are covered with a very strong and must be filthy still dolls sometimes need care.

  • small stains wipe with a damp cloth, well suited or baby wet wipes,
  • doll from time to time you can wash, preferably by hand in lukewarm water with a mild detergent (some dolls wash in the washing machine in the program for wool, but I do not recommend this method). After washing the doll should be wrapped in a towel and squeeze gently, taking care that the doll is not deformed. If necessary, the form and leave to dry in a ventilated area. Doll after washing will lose also, for a time, his „home” smell, which is not always the kids like it.
  • Do not dry lacquer on the radiator, or near another heat source, the doll is filled with sheep’s fleece and can felt, dries maybe even two days, especially the head,
    doll is filled with wool, so it is a long time not used it must be protected from moths,
  • Minor damage, holes, sew up as soon as possible to prevent greater damage,
    if you happen to more damage because of a fortuitous event or meeting with a pet, doll should be sent to the hospital (for me) to get well (I’ll try to fix it then doll).
How to Bathe a Waldorf Doll by Nova Natural Toys + Crafts
Bathing a Waldorf doll
Bathing a Waldorf doll by Nova Natural Toys + Crafts


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